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  “Radio NVC” a major Russian Language Radio, first aired in November 2003, and has been "on" ever since, covering Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

  “Radio NVC” one of the oldest and most respected broadcasting companies in Chicago and vicinity.

With all the years of experience in broadcasting business Radio NVC has earned a love and respect of our listeners and businesses that advertise with us.

  Every day we broadcast the following genres; news, business reports, the latest film reviews, news of music world and plenty of interactive programing in various important topics. During the interactive portion of the broadcast, we offer subject and ask for our listeners’ opinion on that matter.

  Radio NVC has always been and still is the most reliable and valuable source of information.  

We at Radio NVC take pride in the fact that our listeners always use services offered by various local businesses that advertised on our platform.


Advertise with us! Call now 847-480-0023 or email >>


New opportunity!  New market!  New customers!  Greater demand!

Our purpose is to increase your sales, improve your profits and

build your company’s image and reputation.


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