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Alex G.

Glenbrook Remodeling

Since 2005 our family-owned business offers interior remodeling services and cabinetry solutions to the Chicago North Shore. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

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I started doing contract work over 15 years ago with my brother Mike because we loved to build with our hands.

One of our biggest challenges in this journey was, and sometime still is, customers who have high expectations, yet bring unrealistic budgets to the table.

Homeowners can easily be misled by the information overload from different media sources. Some TV shows, for example, make it sound that remodeling of various spaces in your home can be done in just a few days with a very small budget.

More than often customers think they will save money by attempting to control every step of the process - sourcing materials, doing some of the work themselves - but eventually pay for it with extra communication and scheduling hassles. Almost always this results in a longer remodeling process, added stress and more money spent...Nobody wins!

To provide value for my customers, I began to deliver high-quality results through two key shifts in my business...

I became a specialist who informed people of the value of quality and of a job well done.
I aligned myself with great and reliable product suppliers and I began to help my customers complete their whole process, from start-to-finish as an all-in-one solution to help them save: time, money, and frustration.
I've gone from doing everything with just my brother and I, to building a modern showroom with a dedicated team of award-winning professional designers, skilled craftsmen, and suppliers. In this space, we conveniently help our clientele select materials, view a realistic rendering of their space and gently coach them through the decision making process.

Our up front planning and the all-in-one solution ensure that you’ll have a beautiful, custom designed space, created within your budget, built with quality, care and efficiency.

After all these years we are still a family-owned company, my wife Renata is also helping grow the business, and we promise to treat you like family.

Hope to see you soon!