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Law Office of Fedor Kozlov, P.C.

The Law Office of Fedor Kozlov, P.C. is an experienced Family & Divorce Law Firm representing clients throughout the greater Chicago area in a variety of legal matters related to family law. Our experienced attorneys understand that navigating your way through divorce and separation can be one of the more difficult times in one’s life.

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An Experienced Divorce & Family Law Attorney

Finding a way through divorce and separation is one of the most difficult challenges you are likely to face. These disputes create significant financial and emotional challenges. They challenge your closest relationships. In times like these, you need a skilled family law attorney who is capable of understanding your unique legal and personal challenges.

Having someone represent you is of paramount importance. Not only will a lawyer protect your family and help you resolve conflicts, but your legal team will also set the foundation for you to begin your new, post-divorce life.

A Dedicated Schaumburg-Area Family Law Practice
At the Law Office of Fedor Kozlov, P.C., we are a group of dedicated and compassionate attorneys who are experienced in providing individualized solutions. We have helped many clients and handled every type of family legal conflict.

We exclusively practice in the area of family law. We offer clients law advice, dispute resolution, and representation services — we are skilled negotiators and fearless litigators. Our success is based on a friendly and straightforward approach, understanding our clients’ needs and providing them with the tough and aggressive legal representation their families deserve.

A Focus on Efficient Solutions
Legal services are costly and slow for most families, but well worth the investment. We make that investment go even further by focusing on efficient negotiations but preparing to win even at trial.

When the opposing legal team knows that we have all of the information, organization, and persuasion necessary to secure a favorable decision from the judge, they are much more likely to advise your spouse to see things your way. We make sure they know we are prepared — prepared both to talk and to win.

It gives us great pride to see people come together and reach a fair agreement under our guidance. It also gives us satisfaction to know that our efficiency is able to conserve resources for our clients and their families.

We always suggest the most efficient solution first, but we do not back down from a fight. Whether you are looking for a family law attorney to skillfully handle a divorce settlement or an aggressive lawyer to represent you in court, we will closely work with you to reach a resolution that will be in your best interests.

Consistent Legal Services for Different Family Law Practice Areas
The Law Office of Fedor Kozlov, P.C., has been providing legal services for family law disputes for years and has built up a sparkling reputation among its clientele. We are proud of the fact that most people come to us through recommendations or with reference to our previous clients, which shows our high success and client satisfaction rates. It shows that our professional family is growing.

Another part of our success is our ability to handle a wide range of complex, interrelated family law issues. We have the skill, compassion, knowledge, and teamwork to overcome any challenge. Our law firm offers legal services in the following practice areas:

Divorce – Ending a deep-seated relationship like marriage is difficult emotionally. It is also difficult from a legal standpoint. The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act is a complex tome of statutory law informed by a staggering body of case law. Experienced and reliable legal representation can make a world of difference. We can prevent a chaotic divorce process and give you the best chance possible to part on good terms. Regardless of how complicated your divorce is, our competent attorneys can help you achieve a fair resolution.
Domestic Violence – Violence destroys households. Spurious accusations of domestic violence can ruin lives. Our office is completely dedicated to routing out evidence of domestic violence and holding those who commit these acts accountable for what they have done. You do not have to be related to be a victim, and not all violence is physical. If you believe that someone is putting you at extreme risk, emotionally tormenting you, limiting your personal freedoms, or forcing you to participate in abusive situations, we urge you strenuously to contact us or engage someone to do so on your behalf. These situations do not get better by themselves, but we are here to help. We can also help you understand how domestic violence might affect your position when it comes to property division, child support, spousal maintenance, and other aspects of divorce.
Property Division – Every divorce proceeding involves property division. Whether your divorce involves property, debt, equity, asset, or business division, we can guide you to clarify which elements of your portfolio fall into the categories of separate property or community property. This will set a strong foundation for equitable division and fair settlement, but we will also negotiate and, if necessary, litigate your case to protect your financial interests.
Spousal Maintenance – In many traditional marriages, one spouse supports the family financially and the other emotionally and dedicates themselves to homemaking. Under such circumstances, the homemaker is left with little in the way of financial means after divorce. To overcome this situation, our attorneys make sure that maintenance agreements are fair. We work diligently to get people the spousal maintenance they truly need to become financially independent.
Debt Division – Dividing marital debt is never easy. However, sometimes the challenge is more fundamental: deciding whether the debt belongs to one spouse separately or whether it belongs to the marriage. To complicate matters further, debt can be a combination of marital and separate property. Our attorneys can help you make sense of joint credit card debts, mortgages, student loans, business debt, personal loans, and many other types of liabilities.
Asset Division – To divide complex assets, sometimes you need creative solutions. You always need extensive knowledge of the law and a solid understanding of finance. Things are not always as simple as dividing a joint bank account. We can help you and your spouse reach an agreement on dividing retirement accounts, such as 401(k) plans, IRAs, pensions, 403(b) plans; stock options and other common components of SERPs; securities, such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives; virtual currency; collections and much more. We know how to navigate complex ownership structures, market volatility, and taxes to get you the deal you deserve.
Equity Division – Equity division refers to the positive value of large assets, especially real estate. If you have contributed to payments, maintenance, or other types of support for your family home, for example, you would probably be entitled to some of the equity. If you want to keep your home, you might have to make a deal with your spouse to buy the portion of equity you are not entitled to. Our lawyers can help through the entire process, from initial valuation to dividing your fair share in a way that pursues your personal goals.
Business Division – Fair business division in divorce starts with a meticulous valuation of all aspects of operations, holdings, and finances. Every aspect of the appraisal should be completely up-to-date and completely accurate in order to avoid the promotion of one spouse’s interest over another. Our attorneys are highly experienced in indexing these complex valuations, assessing each spouse’s contribution to the business, and presenting all of this information in a clear, actionable format. Our dedication and attention to detail have saved businesses from what otherwise could have been disastrous, contentious divisions — we do it by sticking to the facts and considering the best interests of all parties involved.
Tax Implications of Divorce – Nearly every aspect of divorce has a tax implication of some kind. Some, you would expect. For example, you must follow a strict procedure when dividing a retirement plan in order to avoid undue tax burden and penalties. Some are not so obvious. For example, strategic allocation of childcare-related tax credits could provide benefits that, in turn, could be passed on to provide more support for children. We have the experience you need to understand all of your options.
Child Support – Like the family law court itself, we believe that parents naturally make choices in the best interests of their children. Sometimes, however, they need a full view of the consequences of their actions to make the right decision. It is our goal during child support negotiations to show all parties involved how a fair, sustainable agreement is the best choice for the future of their family. We have seen this approach work many times, but we are also always prepared to go to trial if necessary.
Aggressive and Dedicated Family Law Attorneys
At the Law Office of Fedor Kozlov, P.C., we know that each case is unique. That is why we use a different approach to meet the needs of every client. We truly care about our clients, and we automatically tailor our services to achieve effective positive results. With our experienced attorneys, you can expect to get highly personalized, responsive, and accessible representation.

Contact the Law Office of Fedor Kozlov, P.C., today at (847) 241-1299 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. We will take the time necessary to evaluate your legal options and help you understand your position.

Fedor Kozlov

Fedor Kozlov




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